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    China EN545 Ductile Iron Pipes factory (Bản đồ)
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    Our History
    Established in 1998, Dinggin Hardware(Dalian)Co.,ltd has been specializing in cast iron pipes&fittings, ductile iron pipes&fittings, highway guardrails, wrought iron balusters and gabions for civil engineering, municipal engineering and infrastructure project.
    Our head office is located in Dalian, with 2 own factories and 12 cooperate factories.
    1998: Dinggin Hardware was founded as Dalian Casting Hardware company
    2009: Combined with Good Pipes Co.,ltd
    2011: Change the name into Dinggin Hardware since the business has been broadened a lot
    2017: Invest about $2,000,000 into factory to equip new facilities.
    Our Factory
    Top manufacturer for cast iron pipes & fittings of ASTM A888, EN877, production capacity 2500 tons/month for pipes, 500 tons/month for fittings;
    Best quality of ISO2531,EN545 ductile iron pipes&fittings, production capacity 6000 tons/month for pipes, 2000 tons/month for fittings;
    The biggest factory of guardrail, production capacity 2600 tons/month;
    The most advanced producer of gabions, production capacity 1000000 sqm/day.
    Our Product
    Cast iron pipes and fittings, ductile iron pipes and fittings, highway guardrails, wrought iron balusters and gabions.
    Product Application
    Water supply & drainage pipes networks, Gardening, Road safety products.
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    Automatic casting production lines; Shot blasting machines; CNC for moulds; Automatic coating machine; steel cutting machine; Punching and Rolling lines; Biggest galvanize pool in China.
    Production Market
    Our Service
    Installation guide; Technical service; Strictly inspection before loading; 24hx7 service; 6months quality assurance after arrival.China EN545 Ductile Iron Pipes factory

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